Damp Floor Treatments

For treating damp or wet floors, we supply a full range of floor membranes. All our floor membranes can be used as a stand-alone product for dealing with a specific damp floor problem, or they can be used as part of a well designed below ground Newton System 500 waterproofing scheme.

Two options are available when faced with a damp floor:

  • Replace the damp floor
  • Fully isolate the dampness from the flooring

If the slab is in poor condition it is often best to replace it and install a damp proof membrane below. However, in many listed properties the floor cannot be removed and so a damp proof membrane must be laid above to protect the new floor finish from the dampness within the slab.

Often where a new slab has been laid, commercial time constraints dictate that the floor finish is laid before the new slab is fully dry.  

Our floor membranes can be laid as soon as the ’green’ slab can take pedestrian traffic – often the next day – allowing for even moisture sensitive flooring to be laid almost immediately.

Floor Membrane Finishing Options

Newton floor membrane products are the ideal underlay for all types of floor finishes, including

  • particle board
  • laminated
  • solid wood flooring including oak
  • tiles

Advantages of Newton Membranes For Damp Floors:

  • They are quick and easy to install
  • By creating an air gap, Newton floor membranes allow for finishes to be applied whilst the damp floor is still drying out.
  • The Newton floor membrane range enhances acoustic and thermal performance.

Further Information

For advice on the best flooring product for your requirements, we recommend you call 01732 360 095 to be put straight through to one of our waterproofing experts. We can also put you in touch with one of our recommended Newton Specialist Basement Contractors in your area who can offer guaranteed installation of Newton products. If you require this service, you can fill out our online form: Request List of Registered Installers




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