Deck and Balcony Waterproofing

The waterproofing of podium decks and balconies is often an important requirement of a complete structural waterproofing solution. It is essential that these areas are completely impervious to water. Newton System 200 Deck and Roofing products are ideal.

Newton System 200 is a complete range of externally applied liquid membranes and their ancillaries for the structural waterproofing of podium decks, balconies and terraces.

Featured Products For Deck and Balcony Waterproofing:

- Acriflex Winter

Two-Component Waterproofing Liquid Membrane

Deck Waterproofing with Acriflex Winter

Acriflex Winter applied to a deck

Acriflex Winter is a built-up, reinforced and extremely versatile waterproofing system suitable for all deck and flat roof applications regardless of the finish above.

Suitable for:

  • All types of green roofs
  • Tiled finishes
  • Conventional paving
  • Directly applied coatings

Acriflex Winter can be applied even at low temperatures and is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. Read More…

- Acriflex Fybro

Fibre Reinforced Waterproofing Liquid Membrane

Waterproofing a deck with Acriflex Fybro

Acriflex Fybro incorporates fibres so no mesh is required

Acriflex Fybro is a variant of Acriflex Winter that includes fibres within the product so that the Acriflex Mesh reinforcement is not required. Suitable for all of the applications mentioned above to a maximum area of 25m2.

Acriflex Winter and Acriflex Fybro can be directly coated with:

  • Floorgum Paint – Foot traffic
  • Floorgum Tyre – Car parks
  • Polypark – Car parks
  • Oriplast Reflex – Reflective Coating

Acriflex Winter and Acriflex Fybro are applied by brush, roller, squeegee or airless spray. Read More…

- Newton Floorgum Paint

Multi-Purpose Acrylic Coating

Floorgum Paint for sports surfaces

Floorgum Paint is recommended for sports surfaces and pedestrian areas

UV-stable and flexible, Floorgum Paint is one of a range of specialist coatings for direct application above Acriflex Winter and Acriflex Fybro.

Available in a number of standard colours and made-to-order RAL colours.

Floorgum Paint is easy and quick to apply, and maintenance is not required. Read More…

- Newton 207 DeckDrain

Drainage Membrane for Decks and Flat Roofs

Drainage membrane, Newton 207 DeckDrain

Newton 207 DeckDrain has two layers of drainage

Newton 207 DeckDrain incorporates a unique double cuspated design, providing two layers of drainage.

This means that primary drainage occurs via the geotextile filler, and secondary drainage occurs between the underside of the DeckDrain and the primary waterproofing layer.

The lower drainage layer eliminates the risk of trapped water – a problem associated with conventional single cuspated deck drainage membranes. Read More…

A Typical Deck Waterproofing Application

Detail of a Deck Waterproofing Specification

The above deck waterproofing detail incorporates Newton Nu-Seal-LM, a seamless rubber waterproofing membrane followed by Newton Acriflex Fybro reinforced with fibres and finished with Newton 207 DeckDrain

“We recently installed Newton Floorgum Paint to a print workshop floor in South London. Floorgum Paint gives a hard-wearing and non-slip finish and is solvent-free so safe for operatives to install, and it could be installed quickly so there was not halt to production in this busy workshop” – Vince Tansey, Dry Waterproofing (Newton Specialist Basement Contractor)

Further Information

For further information about waterproofing decks, balconies and terraces or for a list of Registered Installers in your area, please ring 01732 360 095 or fill out our online form: Request List of Registered Contractors





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