Circa 1848 - John Newton founded the company

Circa 1848 -
John Newton founded
the company

Newton Waterproofing Systems (a trading name of John Newton and Company Ltd) are a family run business, with a proven history in manufacturing quality produced damp- and waterproofing materials together with good technical service and support.

Mr. John Newton established the company in 1848 at Verney Road in South London. Originally a business specialising in the supply of plasterer’s hair collected from the local tanneries in the area, John Newton and Company became the largest supplier of plasterer’s hair in England.

Newton Pioneered ‘Air Gap Technology’

Newton History

1930 – Newton design the first physical damp proof membrane, Newtonite

On a visit to Germany in 1920 John Newton had seen a corrugated bitumen impregnated fibre board being applied as a damp-proof layer externally to buildings ready for a render to be applied to it.

John Newton believed that with slight modification it could be used internally as a damp proof membrane that could be plastered onto. He pioneered the Air Gap method of damp-proofing in 1931 with the introduction to the UK of the Newtonite lath membrane. It was fixed to the wall with nails and the corrugations created an air gap between the Newtonite and the wall allowing the wall to breathe and moisture to evaporate.

Over 5 Million Metres Of Newtonite Installed

1960s - Newtonite installed extensively throughout the UK as housing market flourished

1960s – Newtonite installed extensively throughout the UK

With over 5 million metres of Newtonite installed from the 1930’s to the early 1980’s, it was time for new innovations to be introduced into the damp proofing industry.

In 1984 current chairman Christopher Newton invented and developed this meshed membrane called Newlath which has led to the current generation of high density studded polypropylene membranes available today.

Complete Waterproofing Systems

1999 - Managing Director Warren Muschialli demonstrates how to install Newton System 500

1999 – MD
Warren Muschialli
demonstrates how to
install System 500

Newton Systems have continued to develop a full range of damp proofing, basement waterproofing and structural waterproofing solutions, with new and innovative products being regularly introduced.

Being a totally independent company not tied to one manufacturer, Newtons are able to supply waterproofing systems using the highest quality materials available anywhere in the world.

Technical Support

Whether you are a main contractor, developer, property owner or specifier, we have a dedicated team of Technical Managers that are available for free technical advice. Newton also has an in house CAD design service with the ability to design in all modern drawing formats including 3D modelling.

Installation and Registered Installers

2003 - Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC) scheme set up to offer guaranteed waterproofing solutions

2003 – Newton Specialist
Basement Contractor (NSBC) scheme set up

The Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC) scheme was implemented in 2003 as a response to poor and worthless contractor schemes infiltrating our industry which was resulting in clients loosing faith that the waterproofing contractor was able to deliver the dry basement they required.

We now have a full nationwide network of NSBCs across the UK and Ireland. We highly recommend that installation of our waterproofing systems is carried out by one of our NSBCs – they provide peace of mind to the end client by accepting liability on design and installation of our systems.

Continually Developing Product Range

2012 - Newton System 300 products for waterproofing concrete structures enables Newton to offer a complete waterproofing portfolio

2012 – Newton System 300 launched

Newton Waterproofing Systems are continually working to improve and expland their product range, sourcing products from a number of suppliers throughout the UK and globally.

Most recently, the launch of Newton System 300 products for waterproofing concrete structures enables Newton to offer a complete portfolio for waterproofing the whole envelope of the structure.

Newton Move To Tonbridge

Newton Waterproofing Systems, Tonbridge

2012 – Newton Waterproofiing Systems move to Tonbridge

In 2012, due to the expanding product range Newton Waterproofing Systems moved to Tonbridge, to large integrated offices and warehouse space. In our new facility we are able to offer full training on our systems and services.

Please contact us for further information on 01732 360 095 or e-mail info@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk